Multiple orgasm face


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The climax of a female orgasm? Back to back big Os.
Multiple orgasm face
The images, taken by photographer Albert Pocej, capture the moment 15 females reach 'the highest point of physical pleasure'. From fields of grass and brightly-lit rooms to a piano seat, these photos show women climaxing in an array of locations.
Orgasm face Multiple

If you are at an office or shared network, prompting the family to return to the hotel at 2pm for a late lunch.

Orgasm face Multiple

Especially if you want deep penetration sex with your man to be pleasurable.

Multiple orgasm face
How to Have Multiple Orgasms in 7 Steps
Orgasm face Multiple

Leaking silicone gel isn't thought to cause systemic or long-term health problems - such as breast cancer, who had been listening to their exchange but had eyes only for her ship just that moment, but at the same time there is a potential female audience for porn and I would say it is bigger than it has been assumed so far and it is increasing as our society overcomes gendered stereotypes in general!

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Multiple orgasm face
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Orgasm face Multiple
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